Our Approach

To maximize conversion, we believe a brand needs a complete optimization approach that takes into consideration customer data, digital channel content, and the user journey within and between channels.

1. We perform an inital assessment

of current state analytics tagging, customer data capture, and user journeys.

2. We measure performance

to understand which channels are performing, which are not, and why.

3. We develop an ROI baseline

against which all improvements in conversion can be measured.

4. We develop digital segments

based on the analytic insights we’ve uncovered about your online customers.

5. We create targeted content

for each digital channel and for every key segment.

6. We increase conversion

through a process of targeting, testing and constant refinement.

Continual Optimization

Our process allows us to consistently sharpen our understanding of consumer interests, refine the user experience in each channel, and provide the most compelling content that drives customers to purchase. And we do it all for a very competitive, no risk, monthly fee.

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